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Five Reasons to Bring Your Family to Church this Sunday

This Sunday we are doing things a little different. Every 5th Sunday we have a special family service. This means all our kids are in the service with you. In honor of the 5th Sunday I will give you 5

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It is Hard to Say Goodbye!

Just in case you haven’t heard today Haley announced his leaving Courageous Church to take the position of Associate Pastor at Richmond Hill First Baptist Church in Georgia. Obviously we are sad to see Haley leave but know we know

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New Thru 22 | Fasting Resources

As we prepare for our fast beginning this Saturday, January 10th. I wanted to share many of the links all in one place to several resources. I hope this will be helpful for you as you prepare! I believe God

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Sunday Sermon Tweets – 9.28.14

Sunday Sermon Tweets – 9.28.14 Mission of the Church : Make Disciples The Win: Seeing people move from unbelief to belief in their lives in Jesus and helping others move from unbelief to belief. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) is

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Sunday Setlist – 9.7.14

What song speaks to you the most and why? Here are the links to each song from Sunday:

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Sermon Tweets – 9.7.14

I love my church! The Church is people not a building. I believe in Jesus not because of who Jesus was but because of what Jesus did. Jesus came for the messy people. Jesus starts the church with a question:

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Sunday Setlist – 8.24.14

    What song is resonating in your heart right now? Here are the links to the songs from this past weekend:  

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Sunday Setlist – 8.10.14

  #sundaysetlist | 8.10.14 : What was your favorite song from sunday? Do you want to purchase any of these tracks? You can by clicking the links below. Enjoy!

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Sunday Setlist – 6.29.14

    Setlist Links:

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Dreams and the Bible

In light of our sermon on Sunday about Joseph’s dream and his ability to interpret them through God’s power, I thought this would help you gain some perspective about dreams in the Bible. There are actually 21 recorded dreams in

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