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Will You Pray for Us?

Next Wednesday, July 13th, a team from Courageous Church will be leaving to serve in El Salvador for the week. I am asking if you would join us in prayer starting this Wednesday, July 7th. Below you will find a

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4 Things We Need to Evaluate

Evaluation can be a scary word, especially when it comes to the 4 areas in this blog. Evaluation is not my favorite things but it is necessary to grow, excel, and get better in every area of life. Here are

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How are you making disciples?

How Jesus Made Disciples  РInvited them to Follow РTrained & Developed РExpected Obedience РSent Them Out РEvaluate Them on Return РRelease them to Go I think it would be worth repeating. #Jesusway #makingdisciples #simple

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25 Ways to be Missional This Summer

The summer can be a great time to live on mission with others. Here is a list of 25 ways to be missional. What are some others ways you can be missional? Comment below and share! 1. Stay outside in

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