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Fear is the Problem

“…love drives out fear.” 1 John 4:18 Last week’s shootings (Mr. Sterling, Mr. Castile, and the police officers in Dallas) are a poignant reminder that our world is being divided by fear before our very eyes. As the Church, we

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4 Things We Need to Evaluate

Evaluation can be a scary word, especially when it comes to the 4 areas in this blog. Evaluation is not my favorite things but it is necessary to grow, excel, and get better in every area of life. Here are

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Advent Guide 2014

As many of you know we are ready a advent guide together as a church. It has be so helpful in starting the Christmas season off with a great way to download the Word everyday in our lives. I thought

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9 of My Favorite Things

Over the past week I was thinking about some of my favorite things. Here is a list of several of them. Favorite Blog: I love to grow and learn from others. Blogs are a great place to be challenged, encouraged

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Cancer Sucks

Stuart Scott’s speech was amazing from the ESPY awards (Not to mention that Kiefer Sutherland introduced him. Anytime the 24 actor introduces you… you know it will be amazing). I encourage you to watch it all. As I watched this

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