Five Reasons to Bring Your Family to Church this Sunday

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This Sunday we are doing things a little different. Every 5th Sunday we have a special family service. This means all our kids are in the service with you. In honor of the 5th Sunday I will give you 5 reasons to bring your family to church this Sunday.

5. The music is going to be off powerful. Our worship always kills it.

4. The snack/activity bags. How many times a year can you actual get fruit snacks at church?

3. We’ll be talking about what it looks like to have a godly family. And…Lets be honest it is not easy. We want to help you.

2. Parents this is a great chance to help your kids understand what it means to worship. You are one of the greatest influences in your kids life (we will be talking about your influence in your child’s life).

1. Kids and Families can connect together in worship. We will have some special time of discussion for families. Come even if you don’t have kids because you might be invited in on the conversation to.

There you have it, 5 reasons to be at church this weekend. Make plans now to attend Courageous Church at 10:30am. We meet in the Williams School Auditorium off Zierdt Road.




Photo Used by Permission of Paul Monaghan

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I am a pastor, church planter, leader, and father. I have been blessed to be the founding pastor of Courageous Church. I spend much of my time seeking to help others take their next step in growth and leadership. I am the main visionary architect and communicator for Courageous. I love spending time with my family and because of them I am blessed beyond imagination. I believe I have the best l life possible.

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2 comments on “Five Reasons to Bring Your Family to Church this Sunday
  1. Graham Donnelly says:

    Did you realise you have stolen that picture from a friend of mine… He is a Scottish photographer… Shame on you

    • Josh Britt says:

      Dear Graham… Sorry for the late response. It has been a while since I have updated my site as you can tell. Thank you so much for your concern for Paul Monaghan’s art. I worked with Paul to get permission and approval to use his artwork for this project. We exchanged several emails on this. Have you talked with Paul concerning this matter? Paul and I even exchanged the final artwork so he could approve what we used for this series. I really appreciate your concern and protection for your friend. I will sight him as I realized I didn’t not put that on the blog post. I hope this clears things up. Have a great day! Josh Britt

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