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It is Hard to Say Goodbye!

Just in case you haven’t heard today Haley announced his leaving Courageous Church to take the position of Associate Pastor at Richmond Hill First Baptist Church in Georgia. Obviously we are sad to see Haley leave but know we know

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4 Things We Need to Evaluate

Evaluation can be a scary word, especially when it comes to the 4 areas in this blog. Evaluation is not my favorite things but it is necessary to grow, excel, and get better in every area of life. Here are

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How are you making disciples?

How Jesus Made Disciples  – Invited them to Follow – Trained & Developed – Expected Obedience – Sent Them Out – Evaluate Them on Return – Release them to Go I think it would be worth repeating. #Jesusway #makingdisciples #simple

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New Thru 22 | Fasting Resources

As we prepare for our fast beginning this Saturday, January 10th. I wanted to share many of the links all in one place to several resources. I hope this will be helpful for you as you prepare! I believe God

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New Thru 22 | What is the big deal about fasting?

As we prepare to start a corporate fast together. I wanted to share a few thoughts about fasting that I hope you will find helpful. Personally Fasting has been one of the greatest and challenging things I have done. I have

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New Thru 22 | Fasting for Kids

Fasting For Kids It is so important to model the principle of fasting to our kids and it’s actually quite simple to introduce different ways they can participate. However, their involvement should come only from a heartfelt desire to, just

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New Thru 22 Prayer and Fasting | Frequently Asked Questions

New Thru 22 Prayer and Fasting  Frequently Asked Questions Like prayer and Bible reading, fasting is one of the spiritual disciplines of followers of Jesus. Are you wondering what fasting is about or just how you can get started? Here

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