Cancer Sucks

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Stuart Scott’s speech was amazing from the ESPY awards (Not to mention that Kiefer Sutherland introduced him. Anytime the 24 actor introduces you… you know it will be amazing). I encourage you to watch it all. As I watched this video, I was reminded of my dad who passed away from cancer in December 1988. He fought valiantly pancreatic cancer. He lived well beyond what the doctors originally expected. I remember watching him go through treatment after treatment. Everyday was a fight, a fight for survival, life, joy, and making the most of everyday. I still miss him everyday.

I often wished I could ask his advice when I face different life situations. I would give anything for him to watch my kids grow up and meet Michelle (I think he would have loved her zeal for life and her infections laugher). I wish he could have experienced watching my brother and sister grow up, have amazing children and picking great spouses. But even though there are tons of things I wished could have been I still think back to all the things that did happen. I remember fishing with him none stop during his battle with cancer. I remember all the times we got to throw baseball in the front yard. I don’t even remember him getting mad when I broke several windows hitting the  ball at the house, instead of away from it. I know he told us over and over not to do that, however I did have to pay for them. I can remember one of our last family vacations to New Smyrna Beach, Florida. One of my most recent memories was getting to watch a DVD (which were not created at the time. It was converted from VHS. Those were big clunky bricks with tape in them if you are reading this in like 2020) of my dad giving a speech at my grandfather Frank Britt’s retirement party. It was amazing!

As I think about all the people who have been affected by cancer or other disease. My hope is you will make everyday count. Make memories together. Spend more time together because you won’t get it back. I never regret one moment that I spent with my dad while he had cancer. It will be a trial for sure. We will face suffering. But with the hope of Christ I will see my dad one day. Let us find complete joy  in Jesus. He is the only one who can give it and he is the author of it. He is the only reason my family made it. Today I am thankful!

This is dedicated to my friends facing tough times right now! May prayers are with you.

Let me know if I can pray for you? If you know of someone who is going through a tough time or you are going through the tough moment please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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I am a pastor, church planter, leader, and father. I have been blessed to be the founding pastor of Courageous Church. I spend much of my time seeking to help others take their next step in growth and leadership. I am the main visionary architect and communicator for Courageous. I love spending time with my family and because of them I am blessed beyond imagination. I believe I have the best l life possible.

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6 comments on “Cancer Sucks
  1. Dana Britt says:

    Beautiful, Josh!!!! It brought tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine how much you miss him. His legacy is glorious!!!

    Steve misses him too!!! I know he would love to get some advice from him too.

    • Josh Britt says:

      Thanks so much Dana! We are so grateful for your family. I have looked up to Steve in so many ways. I love the way you both lead your family. God truly has blessed me through you guys! I can’t wait to see you guys next month.

  2. David's dad says:

    Liz and I survived cancer. We were talking just today about all the blessings we have been able to see in the last twenty or more years. I feel for you all. God Bless

  3. stacey taylor says:

    he should have won the arthur ashe award!

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