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Cancer Sucks

Stuart Scott’s speech was amazing from the ESPY awards (Not to mention that Kiefer Sutherland introduced him. Anytime the 24 actor introduces you… you know it will be amazing). I encourage you to watch it all. As I watched this

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Sunday Setlist – 7.20.14

Here are the tracks for each song:

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Sunday Setlist – 7.13.14

Here are the links below:

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Sunday Sermon Tweets – 7.13.14

Core Value: Community Involvement Scripture: Matthew 15:29-36, Matthew 23:11,  and Ecclesiastes 11:1-2 10. The Gospel is central to everything we do!  9. Community Involvement comes out of a heart to serve others.  8. At the end of the day Jesus will

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Sunday Sermon Tweets

Scripture: Psalms 46:1-11 The Sermon in Tweets  10. The Struggle: We feel the constant need to be on the go no matter what 9. Tell your neighbor: The world will go on with or without you.  8. When God is

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Sunday Setlist – 7.6.14

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Sunday Setlist – 6.29.14

    Setlist Links:

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25 Ways to be Missional This Summer

The summer can be a great time to live on mission with others. Here is a list of 25 ways to be missional. What are some others ways you can be missional? Comment below and share! 1. Stay outside in

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