Monday Mind Dump

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I am so thankful for all that God is doing in and around us. Planting a church has been one of the hardest and most rewarding things we have ever done. I am reminded daily to trust God in the midst of every circumstance, even when it is hard.

Yesterday at church we had an incredible day! God seems to be showing up every week. We were down numerically due to tons of sickness. The first day of autumn really took a toll on several people. I am have been praying for healing and strength for all those struggling with illness. We need to consistently pray for one another. His power and healing is always perfect. It is never late or never early, it is right no time.

Our band at church just seems to get better and better every week. Courageous Church is blessed. It has been neat to watch this group of people gel together. I am so thankful to how hard they work each week.

This was their setlist (9.22.13):

We Have Overcome

God is Able

Forever Reign

Greatness of Our God

You should go download these songs today!

We continued with our second week of our series Weird. Many people have been making decisions each week to follow Christ. I am blowing away how God is using Courageous Church to make Jesus known one life at a time. I pray we always stay focused on the goal. Pray for me that I am strong leader and disciple who will keep us on the course. There is a lot of work still to be done. Join the movement!

I cannot wait for this next sunday. Every week is just a little more incredible. The best days are ahead!

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I am a pastor, church planter, leader, and father. I have been blessed to be the founding pastor of Courageous Church. I spend much of my time seeking to help others take their next step in growth and leadership. I am the main visionary architect and communicator for Courageous. I love spending time with my family and because of them I am blessed beyond imagination. I believe I have the best l life possible.

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